Linux Miner Tutorial

A quick summary of Linux Miner Tutorial

Linux - miner tutorial

Install from Source

# Make sure you have all dependencies installed
sudo apt-get install git libgmp-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev build-essential cmake
# Get the latest source code (or run a git pull to update)
git clone
# Run CMake inside xel_miner folder
cd xel_miner
cmake .
# Compile

You can test if it’s functioning properly by running:

sudo ./xel_miner --test-vm examples/SHA256_BTC.epl

Use this exemple for mining

sudo ./xel_miner -t 1 -o http://nodeip:17876 -P "12 words your passphrase"

-t 1 stand for cpu threads -o Node address with port -P 12 words your passphrase

Video tutorial