Windows Miner Tutorial

A quick summary of Windows Miner Tutorial

Windows - miner tutorial

Install from binary

# Download the latest (experimental CPU only) binary version from:

After you unzip the archive, go into the folder xel_miner-0.9.6/xel_miner. There, you will find the xel_miner.exe executable. You can test if it’s functioning properly by running:

xel_miner.exe --test-vm examples\SHA256_BTC.epl

If you encounter any errors, the reason may be that you already have a MinGW installation on your system and in your PATH. In this case, try to clean the PATH variable by doing a simple

set PATH=

To start mining use CMD go to directory of miner

cd c:/xel_miner-0.9.6/xel_miner

Use this exemple for mining

xel_miner.exe -t 1 -o http://nodeip:17876 -P "12 words your passphrase"

-t 1 stand for cpu threads -o Node address with port -P 12 words your passphrase

Video tutorial